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There are many companies and e-commerce that have given us their trust since we started with the project of Viral Storytelling, which allows them to send influencer marketing campaigns to their target audience.

The influencers

Infloonet has developed a data driven technology, able to estimate the influential capacity and define the target audience within the various market segments, so as to guarantee engagement and benefits in terms of Brand Reputation

AVD Campaigns

The audience of all content distribution channels is automatically reviewed and profiled to identify the reach and other KPI's regarding the ability to influence and establish the right media mix to get results.

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We connect supply and demand

How it works

to make messages go viral that really influence consumers

using a network of certified publishers and selecting qualified influencers

to ensure engagement and benefits in terms of Brand Reputation and to maximise effectiveness

performance thanks to a technology capable of identifying the relevant KPI’s

We connect influencers and companies online

influencer and companies

ADV Proposals

Il nostro team offre consulenza per la realizzazione dei multimedia content to be distributed.
As an alternative, we directly edit the creation of textual content, videos, photos or infographics, creating the correct storytelling strategy.
We range content by adapting it to publisher publishing strategies to maximise its effectiveness.
We report contents in line with the advertiser’s message concept to influencers, carefully monitoring their reach.

The influencers
Social Share

Over 300 social properties Premium
Over 30 million “likes” distributed on hundreds of themed Facebook pages
A consistent community of Instabloggers constantly evolving
A team of youtubers rapidly expanding
A community of bloggers influencers and social addicts active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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